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We are trusted in the industry because of our experience and honesty. We are a solutions oriented team that uses out-of-the-box thinking to solve complex problems. Trust and integrity are important to us.  We pride ourselves on keeping our word and following through on our promises.

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While there are many reasons an owner may want to sell their commercial property, a couple of them stand out. If a property was inherited, the heirs may not want to keep the property. Sometimes, an owner who has owned for an extended period finds the property needs more maintenance and updating than expected.

Yet another common reason is to unlock what we call "tapped equity." Trapped equity is an owner's equity in a property that they could use for other investments or growing their portfolio but can because it is locked in the current property.

If any of these reasons or others have you thinking about selling, we encourage you to contact us to start a conversation.

Experience You Can Trust

Tom Berry and Donald Sutton have been involved in real estate investing and private money lending for over 20 years. Their longevity is a testament to their expertise and respectability. They are dedicated to helping clients successfully build a legacy for their families and future generations.


Donald Sutton

Donald Sutton has spent over 20 years in hard money and asset-based lending, starting with personal real estate investing in single-family rentals and mobile home parks. After self-directing his IRA, he expanded to the Houston market, lending on single-family rentals and apartments. He began lending as an alternative to the stock market, to get a consistent rate of return on investments for his entire family. Donald is the owner and manager of many companies that provide wealth management services as well as hard money lending. His passion is to help people learn about building wealth with their personal finances.


Tom Berry

 Tom and Melissa, have accumulated a portfolio of over 400 properties including commercial and rental properties. In 2014 He partnered with Donald Sutton to Co-Found Investor Loan Source (ILS) and since that time ILS has closed over 1,700 loans for just over $900,000,000 in loan volume. In 2018 Donald and Tom launched The ILS Funds to grow their loan volume and allow other passive investors to pool their money and take part in the private lending systems and the team they had built. To date, the ILS funds have raised over $57,000,000 in investor capital and have produced solid returns throughout.

Examples Of Our Properties

We specialize in purchasing commercial real estate. Our portfolio of properties includes office buildings, shopping malls, and retail plazas. We are always in the market to add quality properties to our portfolio.

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